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 United Methodist Church • Florence, SC


Our Vision: To be a beacon of faith, hope and love

























































A church program (date unknown) shows a former look of the church steeple. Rev. J.B. Taylor, who served from 1914-1918, is featured. 


15 persons meet for worship at the home of Joseph and Sara Kershaw. Services are moved under a bush arbor in the yard. January Felder is the first pastor.


In May, land is bought at 163 S. Coit Street. In August, a board building is constructed.


Membership grows to 429.


Record shows a parsonage.


Membership grows to 825.


Methodist Cemetery (on the corner of National Cemetery Road between Church and Barringer streets) is established on land deeded to the church by the City of Florence.


A new brick church is built. The old building is moved to the back of the lot, where services are held until the new church is completed.


In August 1921, land is purchased in East Florence on Elizabeth Avenue (now Kemp Street). The old board church is dismantled, transported in parts and rebuilt on Kemp Street, with seats made by Mr. C. S. Sims. The building is renamed “The Gate City Mission.” The cornerstone is laid by Hiram Masonic Lodge #13.


The Gate City Mission serves as a house of worship for many denominations for many years. Some of our best Revivals are held there. The building is eventually torn down due to deterioration.


The current pipe organ is purchased at an estimated $3,000 in 1920’s money.


The first robed choir is formed.


The communion rail is built and the church is redecorated.


“The Hut,” with a dining area, is constructed in the back of the property for small group meetings and other activities. It is built with donations and free labor.


A parsonage (shown at right) is purchased in East Florence on the corner of East Cheves and McFarland streets. The old parsonage next to the church becomes an Activities Building.


The Activities Building is torn down and the current Educational Building is constructed.


A parsonage in West Florence on the corner of North Coit and West Marion streets is purchased.


Property at 137 S. Coit Street (next door, north of the church) is purchased.